Enjoy The Flexibility and Investment Opportunities Of Pension Drawdown

  • Pension Drawdown enables you to take up to 25% of your pension pot tax free at the start, whilst the remainder of your fund remains invested. There are a variety of investment options to choose from, based on your risk appetite. Ranging from investments in cash and fixed interest products for the more cautious investor to stocks and shares for the more experienced investor.
  • Due to the flexibility of Drawdown, you can adjust your investment mix and how much income you want to take.
  • You can choose to take income monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, in a lump-sum – according to your needs. You may also choose not to take any income at all.

A Flexible Way To Manage Your Pension

  • Keep your pension invested and withdraw income as and when you need it
  • A more flexible alternative to buying annuity
  • Your pension fund can be passed over to your loved ones should you die
  • You can structure your income to mitigate certain liabilities to personal Income Tax. By reducing your income in some years, you may be able to avoid higher rate tax liability.
  • Your funds could benefit from investment growth in a tax-efficient environment

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  • A more flexible alternative to buying annuity

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Our Most Popular Pension Drawdown Questions Answered

Answers to the most popular pension drawdown questions we have received since the UK Budget announcement:

How much income can I take in Drawdown?

Normally there is no maximum or minimum limit to the amount of income you can take. You can just take your tax-free cash and no income if you wish.

How will any income be taxed?

Income tax will be deducted at source in accordance with your tax code.

Can I have an annuity and Drawdown at the same time?

Yes you can. For many, an annuity offers security to cover essential outgoings and drawdown is used as a more flexible way to take income. If you put all your pension funds into drawdown and later wanted to buy an annuity, you could use some or all of your drawdown fund to do this.

What happens to my Drawdown plan when I die?

There are three options that you can choose from when you die.

  • Your spouse or dependent could use the fund left and buy an annuity.
  • Your spouse or dependent could use the fund and remain in Drawdown.
  • The fund could be paid as a lump sum to whoever you wish, however this attracts tax charge of 55%
What are the main differences between Capped and Flexible Drawdown?

Capped Drawdown allows you to take an income level from Nil to maximum GAD (Government Actuarial Department) Limits that change from time to time; whereas Flexible Drawdown allows you to set the income level yourself, provided that you have a minimum guaranteed income level of £20,000 per annum.